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where all of your travel plans are taken care of with style, sensibility, and comfort in mind. We're a one-stop shop for your group travel and exploration needs.

The stress of travelling steps in when you have to book all of your accommodations and transportation.  Once you have booked an adventure with us you can leave all of that stress and worry behind you. We have luxury buses and experienced courteous drivers. Enjoy bingo or state of the art video players to relax and watch a movie. 

If you have an itinerary in mind you can let our representatives help you plan and coordinate your group travels, we have some great ideas and tips to make the very most of your desired adventure. 

  Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations so you will come back to

CC & Company Adventures again and again.

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Things to Consider...

        Cash Incentive Schedule

*Based on total occupancy

Minimum 40 – Maximum 56
*50 – 56 passengers    =    $ 8.00   per person

Overnight (2/1)              =    $10.00 per person
Overnight (3/2)              =    $12.00 per person
Overnight (4/3)              =    $14.00 per person
Overnight (5/4)              =    $16.00 per person 

*40 – 49 passengers       =   $ 7.00 per person

Overnight (2/1)                =    $ 8.00 per person

Overnight (3/2)              =    $10.00   per person
Overnight (4/3)              =    $12.00 per person
Overnight (5/4)              =    $14.00 per person

*Under 40 passengers   = No incentive/No Bus

41 - 51 paid passengers = one complimentary fare
52 - 56 paid passengers = two complimentary fares


Cash incentive will be paid within 7 days of the trip date.
                                                         Revised: May 20, 2017